Cloud9 Scrubs are a Bluesign Approved Product

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Here at Cloud9, we take ethical manufacturing very seriously. In fact, Cloud9 Scrubs are a certified Bluesign product - which means that they are made ethically, responsibly, and sustainably. Some of the most environmentally friendly, socially conscious clothing items are Bluesign certified. Eco-conscious consumers looking for greener products of every kind can trust the Bluesign certification, and thus can trust the Cloud9 supply chain from fiber to fabric and beyond.

Bluesign is a sustainability standard that guarantees the highest level of security for consumers. It considers especially the chemical composition of textile products to ensure healthy and safe materials.

Headquartered in Switzerland, Bluesign Technologies develops the Bluesign certification. Bluesign is an internationally recognized standard used in many countries in Europe, Asia, and North-America.

To become Bluesign certified, manufacturers must disclose all relevant information and ensure complete transparency and traceability of all processing steps down to the raw materials.

Bluesign not only checks the final product sold to the end consumer but also all materials and intermediate products created within the production chain.

The Bluesign certification guarantees the following:

  • free of harmful substances
  • safety for businesses, consumers, and the environment
  • lower air emissions
  • reduced water emissions
  • increased resource productivity
  • more production transparency and trust

The Bluesign certification applies to the following textile products:

  • garments, clothes, and final textile products
  • decorative materials
  • home textiles
  • fabrics
  • yarns
  • fibers
  • chemicals
  • dyes
  • coatings
  • linings
  • components
  • accessories
  • labels
  • prints
  • trims

The Bluesign certification applies to the following supply chain sites:

  • production sites
  • fiber manufacturers
  • textile manufacturers
  • garment manufacturers
  • chemical suppliers
  • leather processors
  • down and feather processors
  • converters
  • brands

The Bluesign certification is voluntary and not required by law.

Bluesign achieves the best performance through the following:

  • optimized resource consumption
  • minimum air and water emissions
  • use of eco-efficient products
  • minimized energy and material input per kg of textile product

Bluesign tests for the following chemicals:

  • Carcinogenic substances
  • Mutagenic substances
  • Neurotoxic substances
  • Endocrine substances
  • Sensitizing and irritating substances
  • And others

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  • I am so proud of you Kristina!! You are the bomb. Being p.g. with baby Juliet, working at hospital & taking care of Harper & hubby; home life too. And through all this you designed & went through all the steps to start up your own scrub co. Cloud 9 I is the perfect name for this adventure. I have watched you for yrs. Love you & your family especially your lovely girls. You have my size- 5x, I’m bedridden & have been I’ll for yrs. I plan on buying a pair of scrubs. Thank-you for making me feel like part of your family. I’m alone here except for my reclusive brother. God bless you, your family & your new company " Cloud 9 Scrubs." You are going to skyrocket to the top woman!!⚡⚡💖🤩

    Charlene Martinez on

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