The Beginning of Cloud9 - Scrubs for all.

Posted by Kristina Braly on

Cloud9 started with a mission: size-inclusive, performance scrubs for all.  They needed to have my audience's most-requested features - and a little bit more. As a regular scrub-wearer, I know what works and what doesn't work in a pair of scrubs. I also know that when you buy scrubs, you buy them to wear them every week, if not multiple times per week. So, they had to be high-quality and sustain high numbers of washings and wear. They also need to be forgiving. Unlike a pair of jeans, we need our scrubs to give a little when our ankles swell from being on our feet for a 12 hour shift, or room in the tummy when administration decides to give us a little feast in the lounge (on the rare occasion we have time to sit down and eat!). 

The fabric is what I'm calling "performance fabric". Wrinkle-resistant, naturally antimicrobial, and with four-way stretch to move with you on the job.

The features are innovative and original: The hidden zip pocket in the Harper Top keeps valuables safe. The Ring Safe on the Harper Pant keeps your treasured jewelry safe and allows you to wear sentimental items to work (much like I like to) but still have a safe place to put them when you need to be sterile or get your hands dirty. Bonus: if you forget it in the washer, it will keep your jewelry safely contained until you remember to fetch it. 

Fit & function: the ultra-high waisted performance pants hold up to bending 170º at the waist and the ultra-wide compression waistband smooths out your natural waistline for a trim look and secure feel.

4-Way stretch, and wrinkle-resistant so you'll always look polished even after a 24 hour call shift.

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